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  • Do I have to sign a multi-year contract with US Bio-Clean?

    No! Unlike the competition, our agreements are only of one year in duration. We believe in providing your business with customer focused service at a value. Never allow a medical waste disposal service provider to trap you in a 3- to 5-year contract. And, to add insult to injury, these companies typically will raise your prices once they have you locked into a long term contract.

  • Does US Bio-Clean have any upfront or hidden costs?

    No! Biohazardous waste containers are provided by US Bio-Clean and you will only be charged for the waste we pick-up, when we pick it up. There is never an extra stop charge or set-up fee. We do not charge for mileage, fuel, documentation or environmental services. The price quoted is the price you are charged.

  • Is US Bio-Clean Licensed, Insured and Fully Compliant?

    Yes! US Bio-Clean is a licensed as a biohazardous medical waste transporter by ADEQ. We carry a $2 million general liability insurance policy with an environmental endorsement, and each of our vehicles is fully insured.

  • What specialized training do your employees possess?

    All of US Bio-Clean’s management team and drivers are certified hazardous materials technicians and each have successfully completed a 200-hour training course. Each of these team members annually receives 60 hours of ongoing continuing education, as well as OSHA training in the area of bloodborne pathogens. Moreover, all of our employees are certified Emergency Medical Technicians and obtain certification every two years in the use of CPR and the Automated External Defibrillator (“AED”). No other medical waste company has a more skilled workforce than US Bio-Clean!

  • Are background checks and drug tests performed on all your employees?

    All US Bio-Clean employees have successfully passed a federal background check and drug screen. We also require annual drug testing as a condition of continued employment. Driving records are checked annually. From the moment that our drivers arrive at your place of business, you will recognize them for their smile, professional attire, extensive industry knowledge and a sincere willingness to serve you to the absolute best of their ability.

  • Do you offer compliance training for our employees?

    Yes! US Bio-Clean offers OSHA Training in bloodborn pathogens, use of a fire extinguisher and hazard communication. We also offer American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR, First Aid and AED certification. Contact us to discuss your needs with a training specialist.

  • Why should I use an Arizona focused company for medical waste disposal?

    In some instances, Arizona has more stringent regulations than the federal government regarding the handling, disposal and treatment of biohazardous medical waste. That is just one more reason why you need an Arizona focused medical waste partner like US Bio-Clean. Our compliance team constantly monitors the ever-evolving federal/state regulatory landscape and works to develop compliance strategies to benefit our customers. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and remaining on the cutting edge of best practices is what makes US Bio-Clean Arizona’s most trusted medical waste disposal company.

  • Can I dispose of bio-hazardous medical waste or sharps containers with regular trash?

    No! In Arizona, a comprehensive cradle‐to‐grave Biohazardous Medical Waste Program was developed by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (“ADEQ”). Pursuant to A.R.S. § 44‐1342, all biohazardous medical waste generated in Arizona must conform with, and be disposed of, in accordance with ADEQ regulations. The applicable regulations are available at http://www.azdeq.gov/environ/waste/solid/rules.html

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