Industry Specific Waste

Solutions tailored to advancing the success of your business and helping you remain compliant with evolving regulatory requirements.

Industry Specific Waste Solutions in Arizona

Laboratory Waste

Laboratories that generate potentially bio-hazardous waste face challenging and stringent regulatory requirements. Cultures, stocks, animal carcasses and human tissue (“pathologic waste”) have very specific packaging and handling disposal considerations. US Bio-Clean can assist your medical organization to remain compliant with these ever-changing health, safety and environmental regulations.

Moreover, as a registered hazardous materials transporter and biohazard waste disposal company, US Bio-Clean can also facilitate the proper disposal of hazardous laboratory chemicals.

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Tattoo Industry Waste Disposal and Compliance in Arizona

In 2005, the State of Arizona adopted laws that require used tattoo needles and any waste exposed to human blood during a body modification procedure to be disposed of in the same manner as biohazardous medical waste. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (“ADEQ”) is the regulatory agency responsible for monitoring compliance with the applicable regulations.

While ADEQ does not regulate the day-to-day operations of the many businesses that comprise the tattoo industry, it does maintain jurisdiction over any biohazardous waste that is generated by such businesses. With that in mind, US Bio-Clean provides sound guidance on tattoo needle disposal to clients in the tattoo industry. We also supply the tattoo industry with a wide variety of products to include gloves, red biohazard bags and sharps containers, as well as provide training to meet OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen standards.

Click here for ADEQ Tattoo Waste fact sheet.

Click here for guidelines from the CDC regarding tattoo industry.

Mortuary Industry Waste Services in Arizona

US Bio-Clean understands that its funeral industry customers do not generate a predictable volume of biohazard waste in their preparation rooms. As such, US Bio-Clean designs custom tailored programs to meet the unique needs of each funeral industry customer. Our pricing is flexible so you only get charged for the waste that is generated. US Bio-Clean serves the biohazard collection needs of funeral industry customers throughout the state of Arizona.

Hospitality Industry Waste and Compliance Services

US Bio-Clean assists hotels, resorts and spas manage biohazard waste to maintain a safe environment for their customers and employees. We offer biohazard waste disposal, sharps disposal and compliance training services for businesses of all sizes in the hospitality industry.

Veterinary Disposal and Compliance Services in Arizona

US Bio-Clean provides animal hospitals and veterinary clinics in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler areas and across Arizona with a wide array of services to include, but by no means limited to, sharps disposal, medication disposal and OSHA compliance and safety training. We are always mindful that every veterinary practice has unique hazardous waste disposal needs, and that you rightfully demand solutions that are tailored to advancing the success of your business and helping you remain compliant with ever-evolving regulatory requirements.

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